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Four easy steps to getting
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A word on design
Design is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.

A Few Kind Words
When I started my own business, I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website. Thanks for being so knowledgeable (and patient). I have lost track of the number of compliments I have received, and best of all, it has effectively generated sales, which is the ultimate proof of a job well done.
-Rebecca Dielman
Chief Direct


Phase I in developing your new website involves collecting information about you and your company.


It is through this process that we learn about your business initiatives, establish who your target market is, what the key areas of interest are on your new website, and how you envision the overall information architecture to be presented. This is commonly referred to as your 'site map'.


Corporate branding, including: logo design, print collateral (business cards, letterhead etc.), and professional copy writing are also discussed during Phase I, and if requested will be incorporated in the following phase.


This initial research stage is achieved by your completion of our Website Planning Guide.



Once we have entered into a formal agreement, Web + Grafik will provide you with two unique design samples for your new website.


You can think of these as static 'snapshopts' of what your website may look like.


The goal of Phase II is for you to choose a design sample that best reflects the aesthetic you would like to see in your new site. It is during this design stage that we can make slight modifications to the given design until you are completely satisfied.


Pending final approval, we will proceed to the Website Development stage. This is where the magic happens, and your new website comes to life!




Think of Phase III as the meat-and-potatoes of your new site.


It is during this stage that we custom program your chosen design into a functional and accessible tool for your business.


Here we code, test in all major browsers, implement your custom written content, and add your images as well as your custom logo. You can think of this as a soft-launch as we get your new website ready for the World Wide Web on our own servers.


Once completed, we will provide you with a temporary link to your new website for you to review the finished work prior to launch. At this point we can make any last revisions to content and navigation before moving into 'Phase IV'.


This is where your site comes alive on the World Wide Web (WWW)!


After your final approval during Phase III, and our team of developers have completing testing, it is time to show the world your new website.

It is improtant to remember that your website is a part of a process, and not simply an event. In short, your site should continue to evolve and grow over time, just like your real-world business. As such, Web + Grafik also have maintenance packages in place to ensure your website's ongoing success on the web.

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Our 'website Planning Guide' will give us a strong overview of your project goals and expectations. Your input is invaluable and will help with creating the ideal website or logo that will improve your business and establish your company's presence.

We recommend you involve the appropriate staff members in this process, especially if they will be providing feedback about the project at a later time.

Information gathering is the first step in helping you achieve your goals, so let's get started!

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