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A video actor can take your website to the next level.

a video actor can take your website to the next level.

A word on design
Business owners need to realize that their design is a reflection of their business even if it is not intentional. If you don't care about your design, then your design is telling people that you don't care about your business.
-Marco Suarez

A Few Kind Words
When I started my own business, I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website. Thanks for being so knowledgeable (and patient). I have lost track of the number of compliments I have received, and best of all, it has effectively generated sales, which is the ultimate proof of a job well done.
-Rebecca Dielman
Chief Direct

So, you have a website - but are you really standing out. Your message is very important, but is it being delivered effectively? Today you need to be innovative in how you present your message, but lets face it - text has its limits.


A website spokesperson, utilizing 'leading edge technology' will allow you to venture outside the box and speak to your prospects using full-motion video with crisp audio. Instead of boring text and endless searching, a virtual spokesperson can connect you with your audience and explain your message clearly, no matter what industry you're in.


Adding a Virtual Spokesmodel to your website can not only increase conversion rates but also add a personal touch. Virutal Spokespeople are available in several borderless video formats such as ivideo presentations, online virtual spokesperson, video banner ads, ivideo headers, video powerpoint presentations, and so much more.


Using an Online Virtual Spokesperson on your website allows you to: introduce your home page, spice up your FAQs, guide traffic, drive call to action on lead forms, and create landing pages and tutorials. Tailor your message any way you want. The sky is the limit.


Click here to view an impressive collection of talent, which really does speak for itself. Don't forget to contact us - we look forward to bringing your website to life!







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Our 'website Planning Guide' will give us a strong overview of your project goals and expectations. Your input is invaluable and will help with creating the ideal website or logo that will improve your business and establish your company's presence.

We recommend you involve the appropriate staff members in this process, especially if they will be providing feedback about the project at a later time.

Information gathering is the first step in helping you achieve your goals, so let's get started!

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