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Our Story: From Humble Beginnings.

Great design is great for business. Plain and simple.

A word on design
Business owners need to realize that their design is a reflection of their business even if it is not intentional. If you don't care about your design, then your design is telling people that you don't care about your business.
-Marco Suarez

A Few Kind Words
When I started my own business, I knew absolutely nothing about creating a website. Thanks for being so knowledgeable (and patient). I have lost track of the number of compliments I have received, and best of all, it has effectively generated sales, which is the ultimate proof of a job well done.
-Rebecca Dielman
Chief Direct

Our humble roots reach far into the days before the web. Armed with paint and brush, airbrush and canvas, we created both small and large scale pieces for galleries, liquor companies, TV / film sets, and nightclubs / restaurants.


Over a decade ago, we discovered the web and decided to apply our talents to the digital stage. Web + Grafik was born from a desire to create visually stunning and comprehensive websites, logos and corporate identity packages. Quite simply, the web was changing the way business worked, and we decided to follow suit.

In short, Web + Grafik is a strategic design and development company that delivers a rich blend of imagination and a strong understanding of business objectives for our client's marketing requirements. Combined with solid technology expertise, Web + Grafik is your complete source for both on- and off-line business initiatives.

Web + Grafik's clients benefit from principal-level involvement on every project and depend on our firm's unique ability to support every phase of their project's development life cycle including logo identity, packaging, information architecture, design, implementation, and maintenance. With expertise in emerging and traditional markets, experience working with blue chip and new chip companies, and the support of a committed development team, Web + Grafik has been partnering with customers across North America and abroad interested in building their brand and on-line presence since 1999.

The services that Web + Grafik offers span many aspect of your corporate branding, print, and interactive business initiatives. From simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to developing your company's corporate identity, and managing your website, Web + Grafik provides the expertise necessary to plan, design and execute your project, both efficiently and cost effectively.


Web + Grafik can recommend a comprehensive solution that addresses your company's unique challenges in your marketplace. Additionally, we lead you to concluding what services will best suit your needs and give you the greatest return on your investment. Once you choose the recommended services, we supply the design and technical expertise to first prototype, and then implement the solution through the guidance of seasoned project management and the structure of a strict project methodology. Click here for more information on Web + Grafik's services.


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Our 'website Planning Guide' will give us a strong overview of your project goals and expectations. Your input is invaluable and will help with creating the ideal website or logo that will improve your business and establish your company's presence.

We recommend you involve the appropriate staff members in this process, especially if they will be providing feedback about the project at a later time.

Information gathering is the first step in helping you achieve your goals, so let's get started!

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